Polar Monitors

Polar Cutter CRT Monitor Repair $595
Includes complete refurbishment including new CRT

Polar Cutter LCD Monitor Upgrade – Drop-In  $1295
Direct replacement for your CRT monitor – Why pay a more inflated price from others?
Both repair and LCD conversions are 1 year unlimited warranty!
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About our services:
Since the mid 90’s, we’ve repaired hundreds of monitors used in a variety of Polar paper cutters.

Mostly by far we see the 12″ monochrome Polatech brand monitors.

Over the years however we’ve seen Polar 12″ Color CRT units, monochrome plasma, and lcd units.   There were a variety of manufacturers that created the monitors  used in Polar cutters:  Polatech, Motorola, Gerhard, Duxon, Puratech, Omnivision to name a few.  Along with a wide variety of ‘home brew” monitors…..basically TV or video monitors that some customers have tried to use in place of the OEM Polar monitor.

The problem with using non-OEM monitors is that the whole image can never be composed (ie, centered) on the screen, so some information is unfortunately cut off.  While the horizontal and vertical rates are similar to NTSC (television) standards, the actual makeup of the signals ‘front porch”, “back porch”, (ie, beginning and ending of active video) and the “sync” timings are all unique to the Polar monitor and it’s video card.
So now you know the technical reasons that only a Polar OEM monitor will properly display on a Polar paper cutter!

“Why are you so good at fixing these monitors?”  After more than 20 years, our technicians have developed proprietary methods of repair that no other shop can match.  Not an idle boast, just a fact.  No one knows these monitors better than we do.

“Do you offer after-the-sale support?”  Absolutely! We are only a phone call away, and can walk your service person through any steps needed to adjust, align, or troubleshoot.  In fact we include adjusting and aligning instructions with every monitor we ship out.  Your cutter “up-time” is our priority!

“What is your turn-around time for repair?”  Our typical turnaround is 3-5 business days.  Sometimes quicker if needed.  Our goal is your 100% satisfaction keeping your machine humming along with minimal down-time.

“Our cutter is down now! Do you offer swap out units?”  Yes!  We typically have refurbished and ready-to-ship monitors that can go out same day.  We ask that you get your core unit back to us within 7-12 days so that we can maintain the fleet of refurbished units for other customers.

“What is your warranty”  Our standard warranty is 1 year. We track all our monitors by serial numbers.  It is not uncommon to see a unit come back to us that’s been in the field for 10 or even 15 years!

“Does the monitor swap out include the outer cabinet?” No, what we ship is only the monitor itself and not the mounting cabinet from the cutter.  However, we DO offer replacement clamping plates.  These are the plates used to hold the monitor securely inside the cabinet. The originals were made from a phenolic material that decomposes & crumbles over time.  Our replacement plates are made from sturdy aluminum and will stay intact forever.

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