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Q: How did you learn to repair all the things that you do?
A: Good question.  I have been blessed with an inquisitive mind, inherent mechanical ability, and a ‘can-do’ attitude. My childhood was filled with treasures rescued from neighbors’ cast-offs. Taking apart things to learn how they work was my schooling.  But I did have to learn some limitations, like not everything needs to be oiled…or where NOT to stick that screwdriver!

Q: My TV suddenly has quit turning on.  Or it turns on with no picture.  Or it turns on with no sound.  Help!
A: In Florida, electric service can be interrupted for a variety of reasons.  Bad storms, equipment failure, even accidents taking down a power pole …all can lead to a momentary (or longer) power outage.  Modern TVs use a micro-processor and stand-by power supply, just waiting for you to press the remote for turn-on.  These micro-processors can become locked up, or even destroyed during a power ‘event’.  But, before calling for repair (or worse, rushing out to buy new!), try unplugging the TV for at least 10-15 minutes.  This gives the processor time to bleed off and reset.

Q: How do I know when it’s time to upgrade my TV?  The one I’m using did work fine before it quit but I’m being told to ‘get a new one’.
A:  Sigh. This is such a difficult question to answer because personal preferences influence the buy vs repair decision.  I usually ask what feature(s) the old TV lacks that the new TV would offer.  I ask about the quality of the picture prior to it’s not working. Lastly, I ask what the make and model of the failed TV is so I can consult our massive database to determine likelihood and cost of repair.  If repair is within reason it usually makes sense to consider it-unless of course you are just itching for the latest-greatest offering.  Then, no amount of technical chit-chat will suffice!

Q: Your shop charges a diagnostic fee.  Other shops offer “free” estimates.  Please Explain.
A:  Yes, there are a few (very few) shops that offer free estimates. Often their modus operandi is to give enough vague phone suggestions about what the failure could be. Then they’ll get your set in their door, look up in their database for past fixes and quote you a repair without even opening up your set.  At Jimz Fix-It Shop, give us the make and model, and we’ll do the look-up right over the phone so you can make a repair/replace decision right away.
If you decide to repair, then yes, we’ll charge a modest diagnostic fee.  This pays for the technician’s time to disassemble, diagnose, and even partially repair the item to determine if any further damage has occurred besides the obvious.  Once we present you with the exact parts and labor price, you may elect to proceed, or to stop at that point and go shopping.  This method is most fair for you….and for us.

Q: What is your turn around time for repairs?
A: Typically, most repairs are done in 3-5 days – sometimes sooner if parts are in-stock.  Sometimes longer if parts are back-ordered.
We offer free loaner TVs (and other devices) so you never have to miss your favorite shows – just another difference Jimz Fix-It offers over the competition!